Leader Commodities Ltd, direct consulting company to Title holders and seller mandates. We facilitate the fuel such as D2, Jet Fuel JP54, Mazut M1OO, LNG, LPG, and more.Our company is committed to helping our clients buy oil products throughout the world and our mission is to execute successful transactions that enable our End Buyers to obtain the petroleum and refined petroleum products they require. We pride ourselves in being a professional and reputable company and we are only interested in cooperation with real and reliable business partners.


  • MAZUT100 (GOST 10585-75)
  • MAZUT100 (GOST 10585-99)
  • D2, D6
  • Jet Fuel JP54, JA1 ,LPG or LNG e.t.c


If the Buyer is interested in proceeding with transaction, he has to agree with the procedures of the Seller (sent upon requirement). In order to go ahead it, is necessary to follow certain initial steps
  • Company profile:
    Buyer data, web, e-mail, phone mobile, Skype , Bank data /and copy of his passport.
  • LOI :
  • Required types of the petroleum products, volumes, port of discharge
    Written statement, that Buyer accepts and agrees with Seller’s Procedures


Our Sellers can offer to the buyer a very competitive discounts from Platts pricing or FIX price. Fixed price offerings in US$/MT or US$/BBL which is usually offered for the first 12 months contract period and subject to review on yearly basis. Offers usually indicate a GROSS discount and a NET discount to Buyer from Seller. The difference between the two is commission to be shared 50/50 Buyer side and Seller side.
All prices for the Buyer are according to Platt’s European Marketscan MINUS discount. The amount of the discount is not fixed, but varies.


Following links for pricing information are considered by most of our sellers to be the closest estimate of their invoicing prices. The invoiced prices are typically based on the three-day average (the day upon loading, preceeding day and the following). Seller uses the actual price on the basis of NWE Platts.
Contact : info@leader-commodities.com